External support organisations and groups

When a police officer decides to leave the force it is still our duty to care and support them when they are facing emotional distress. If your loved one is showing signs of needing assistance, help is available.

There are five options for assistance to choose from:

1. Seek assistance and possible referral to professional help from a GP
2. Contact the independent counselling service (Employee Assistance Program), free to WA Police Force and their immediate family, on 1300 687 327 (available 24/7)
3. Contact Police Chaplains on 6229 5615 (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday)
4. Seek support from a Peer Support Officer on 6229 5615 (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday)
5. Seek support from a WA Police Union Welfare Officer

Please note that at no time will personal or medical information about WA Police Force personnel be made available. 

There are also some community resources available to you including: