Medical retirement

Sometimes it isn’t possible to make a complete recovery and return to full duties.  This means your loved one may be considered for medical retirement. 

Medical retirement is based on medical opinion that the employee is unlikely to recover enough in the foreseeable future, to be able to remain working in their current role at the WA Police Force.  Medical retirement can be considered for all employee types, however, there are obviously specific physical, psychological and cognitive demands of being a police officer that need to be considered.  It is important to note that just because illness or injury prevents someone from being a police officer, there may be other non-policing jobs that will be suitable.


If the decision is made to be medically retired support is provided throughout the process.  As part of this support, police officers may be eligible for assistance to identify suitable employment opportunities outside WA Police Force.


Police officers that have sustained a work related physical or psychological injury may be eligible to have medical expenses covered after they leave the agency.  Information about this scheme is available from the Police Family Support Email, by calling 6229 5615 (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday) or see the WA Police Force website


For all employee types, benefits may be available through GESB, depending on the level of insurance cover.  Employees are encouraged to contact GESB on 13 43 72 to confirm their entitlements.