Mental Health and Wellbeing

Every day WA Police Force personnel face physical, mental and emotional challenges few community members will ever have to experience.

For this we salute them. They are doing an amazing job.  


We know that policing can be equally rewarding and challenging.  The grief, trauma and stress that can be experienced after dealing with difficult situations can take time to process and heal.  That’s why our intention is to foster a supportive workplace that advocates for the physical and mental wellbeing of all personnel and by extension you as their family.  We are striving to deliver more holistic and inclusive support services. 


We are also working towards more open and regular discussions about workplace experiences in order to manage levels of stress and trauma.


To support this we are working hard to improve mental health literacy.  We want to help you recognise the signs and symptoms that may be of concern in your loved one and inform you about the valuable people, services and resources available to both them and you.  Think of this website as your go-to-guide for learning more about mental health and as a useful resource for identifying when your loved one or you may need extra support. 


We are providing this website to inform you, but also to ensure your needs are heard and understood. Just as the personnel of WA Police Force care for our community, it is our duty to care for every member of our workforce and you, their family.