Approach to mental health and wellbeing

The WA Police Force is committed to the promotion and ongoing development of positive mental health and wellbeing. 


While we can’t remove all risk of exposure to traumatic events as it is an unavoidable part of policing.  However, we can strive to better support our personnel with the aim of reducing the potential impact these events can have on the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce.  


While many reported good mental health and wellbeing and high levels of resilience in the 2018 Beyond Blue survey, 2 in 5 employees reported having been diagnosed with a mental health condition in their life.  This is higher than the general adult population of Australia which is 1 in 5.  


Our goal is to:

  • Promote a healthy work environment by minimising risks to mental health

  • Provide a safe and confidential work environment

  • Facilitate recovery and enhance ongoing wellbeing for all personnel

  • Ongoing management towards regular work/life stressors

  • Provide early intervention and support

  • Run programs to support the needs of each individual; with a focus on those who are unwell or injured to return to normal functioning.  


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access regular, candid support, without fear of judgement.