WA Police Force Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy


The WA Police Force is committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.  We need a workforce who look forward to coming to work and who are confident they will get home safely to their family each day.


We have taken action based on the significant evidence that policing can put our people at higher risk of experiencing mental health and wellbeing issues compared to the general Australian population.


The WA Police Force Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is an important demonstration of how we are taking agency-wide action to drive change. 


We have already:

  • Reviewed our psychological support services 

  • Improved our injury management process and a process to audit the quality of our process 

  • Updated our intranet so personnel can find information more easily


We are about to:


  • Implement an online claim system to make sure officers are reimbursed faster

  • Develop a list of recommended psychology practices for officers who want to seek support outside the agency

  • Seek a case management system to support better shared decision making to support recovery at work from illness and injury


We are prioritising the mental health and safety of our people, working to address both individual and workplace factors, providing more information and support services to remove the stigma of seeking mental health support.  We are also developing skills and understanding of the importance of safe, caring and compassionate work environments.


We extend this support to you as a family member of our personnel, and thank you for the support you provide to your loved ones behind the scenes.