Critical Incidents

As part of the role of a police officer to care for, and protect the WA community, they may be involved in a critical incident which could impact their emotional and mental wellbeing.  If they are finding it hard to cope, or feel emotional distress after an incident, support is available.

Our goal is to provide care and promote resilience to help them their distress.


The most common incidents that can cause distress are:

  • Death of a team mate or colleague

  • Serious verbal and/or physical threat or injury

  • Death or serious injury to another person as a result of a police operation

  • Events in which there are multiple fatalities or severe injuries

  • Dangerous police operations which extend over a prolonged period

  • Death or serious injury to children

  • Death or attempted suicide in custody

  • Unsuccessful attempt at resuscitation (CPR)

  • Events in which the victims of the incident are known by those attending

  • Any other work situation which causes a strong emotional reaction.


If a police officer is involved in a critical incident, a Welfare Officer will contact them to make sure they are aware of the support services available.  In some cases, there may be follow-up weeks after the incident to check back in to see how they’re feeling and make sure they’re coping.  Welfare Officers are a friendly trained voice, who have been on the frontline and knows what it’s like.


Local and district management also care for their people by making sure they’re getting the support they need.  They are the ones on the ground who will know who has attended which job and have knowledge of the impact attendance at critical incidents is having for their teams.  They can also notify Welfare Officers if there is anyone they think might benefit from additional contact and offer of support.


If your loved one needs psychological support services based on being involved in a critical incident they can contact the Psychology Unit via the Police Family Support Email or by calling 6229 5615 (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday).  Contact can be made without approval or permission of managers / supervisors or senior staff. 


Please note, at no time will personal or medical information about any WA Police Force personnel be made available.