Post Critical Incident Rest Period

The Post Critical Incident Rest Period focuses on the health and wellbeing of police officers involved in critical incidents.

WA Police Force appreciate the resilience of our officers when dealing with confronting and difficult situations whilst carrying out their duties and believe the rest period will assist in nurturing that resilience.

PCIRP ensures immediate care for our employees following critical incidents in the form of a 72-hour recovery/rest period and post incident support from Health Welfare and Safety Division.

The PCIRP will be mandatory irrespective of rank or position. 

In relation to PCIRP, a critical incident is defined as:  

  • Death resulting from, or caused by a police officer during the course of their duties
  • Police officer discharge of a firearm resulting in death and/or serious injury to any person
  • Death and/or serious injury resulting from any police driving or vehicle operations
  • Death in police custody
  • Death of a fellow WA Police Force officer or employee whilst on duty