Death and Funeral Entitlements

When a loved one passes away, peace of mind and support from a caring community can mean the world of difference.  To reduce stress and financial burden at a time of loss, we highly recommend having an up to date Will.  If you’re not sure how to organise a Will, the West Australian Police Union provides a free Will service to all members. 

As a Police Union member, your loved one can be provided with an insurance policy that offers death cover of $100,000, with options to extend up to $300,000 upon application.  To ensure the chosen beneficiary receives the entire benefit under this policy, you must complete a Beneficiary Nomination Form.  Without these details the benefit will be paid to the member's estate.


Extended Benefit Insurance Option:

In addition to the $100,000 automatic death only cover provided to WAPU members, a supplementary benefit is also available for those members wanting to extend their cover.  


Spouse / De Facto Insurance Option:

A further insurance option is death cover for your partner, which aims to assist with the emotional and financial difficulties associated with the death of a spouse or defacto.


Please note: On leaving the WA Police Force, cover under this group policy will cease.  There is an option available to continue the cover on an individual basis, however pricing would be at market rates.

Workers' Compensation Act:

Police officers are not defined as “workers” under the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act (1981), except in circumstances where the police officer suffers injury and dies as a result of that injury.


In this instance, a death benefit or entitlement will be paid as a lump sum to the police officer's spouse, and any dependent children. The present value of this lump sum for dependants is $580,125 (it is indexed each year on 1 July).

There is also a weekly allowance payable for any dependent child under the age of 16.  There is also a further allowance available for funeral expenses.


For more information:

Death Levy Fund:

The Death Levy Fund pays specified amounts on the death of a WAPU member, the death of a member’s partner or their children under 18 years of age.


Payments are:

  • Death of a Member: $5,000 paid to member’s nominee

  • Death of Partner: $10,000 paid on application from member

  • Child under 18 years: $10,000 paid on application from member


The Death Levy Fund is also available after retirement to the retired member’s nominee, as well as on the death of a retired member’s spouse.


For more information see the WA Police Union website, call them on 9321 2155 or email them.