Equipt Phone App

Equipt can help track sleep, shifts, stress and help strengthen physical, emotional and social wellbeing.  It will also put you in touch with help and support if you need it.

Equipt is a free health, wellbeing, and sleep app developed by the Police Association Victoria and Victoria Police.  It’s designed for current and former police employees and their families throughout Australia.  It includes information specific to all jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand.


Equipt helps to:

    Develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle practices that enhance resilience

    Manage stressful situations, including distressing moods and thoughts

    Measure and track your wellbeing over time

    Help you make an action plan for general wellness

    Encourage you to seek support when you need it

    Adapt better to shift work, by improving duty alertness and post-shift sleep

    Track your work schedule and overtime


Download it from Google at Google Play or Apple on the App Store.