Injury, Illness and Return to Work

Life can change drastically when a loved one needs ongoing support due to illness or injury.  WA Police Force is committed to supporting our personnel in their recovery.

Our main aim is to optimise support and treatment, encouraging recovery at work.  We engage with our employee, their manager and their treating medical practitioner to ensure a graduated, medically appropriate and safe return to work.  The return to work also carefully considers the demands of the role.  This may mean that tasks and/ or hours are adapted or restricted, equipment is modified, or in some cases a new role may be needed.


We work as a team at Health Welfare and Safety to make sure your loved one has the benefit of informed and shared decisions about how to best support rehabilitation involving the perspectives of specialists in the fields of injury coordination and welfare, including chaplains; workplace rehabilitation; safety; claims; psychology; consulting Occupational Physicians and a Psychiatrist.


Managers are actively engaged in the injury management process and encouraged to support their team member to make sure they are getting access to the services and information they need. 


It is really important that your loved one stays positive while they are recovering.  Mental and physical heath are so strongly linked.  It is important to consider not just the injury, but also the impact the recovery time can have on the loved one and their family.  Staying connected and involved with the team at work, family, friends, or social and sporting networks during this time can be a positive focus beyond being unwell.