Medical Entitlements

Work is good for health and wellbeing.  WA Police Force is committed to supporting the recovery of personnel from work and non-work illness and injury with a range of entitlements and benefits.


Medical costs and sick leave for work related illness and injury are covered for all employees.  For police officers these entitlements are defined in their industrial agreement and staff and police auxiliary officers are covered as part of the same state-wide workers’ compensation scheme that covers all those employed in WA.


Under their agreement, police officers can also have some out of pocket costs reimbursed for non-work illness and injury.  Police staff and police auxiliary officer non-work or personal illness and injury is covered by personal leave (including sick leave) entitlements and Medicare as well as the individual's private health insurance.


There are a range of other entitlements for: 

  • Optical expenses of up to $200 every two years for all employees

  • Flu vaccinations for all employees

  • Hep B vaccinations for police officers and police auxiliary officers


Further information: