Public servants and police auxiliary officers

Staff (public servants) and police auxiliary officers are part of the state workers' compensation scheme, so approved work related injury and illness expenses are covered by RiskCover. 

The aim of the scheme it to support your loved one to return quickly and safely to their pre-injury role following a work related injury or illness.


The scheme is based on a ‘no-fault’ principle. This means they do not have to establish that their employer was at fault or negligent to make a claim.  They are entitled to compensation if they are a worker, suffer an injury or develop a disease at work and require medical treatment or time off work as a result.  Workers' compensation seeks to minimize the impact of a workplace injury by making sure wages/sick leave and medical expenses are paid.


There is a cap on the wages and expenses that can be claimed. The cap is a prescribed amount set by WorkCover WA, indexed annually.


Further information is available from the Police Family Support Email or by calling 6229 5615 (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday).

Alternately independent advice and information is available from the WorkCover WA website or by calling 1300 794 744. 


Please note:

Non-work or personal illness and injury are covered by personal leave (including sick leave) entitlements and Medicare as well as private health insurance.