Independent Counselling Service (EAP)

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and supportive environment; a space to talk through issues without judgement and have someone understand where you’re coming from.

Professional support might be something your loved one could benefit from, so they can better manage and improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free external counselling service available to WA Police Force personnel and their immediate family members, such as partners and dependent children living in the same house.  Up to 6 sessions can be accessed each calendar year, and the service is available 24/7 by visiting their website or calling 1300 687 327.


It is important to note that this service is confidential.  WA Police Force receives only general information from this service provider to allow us to better target promotion of the service and inform decisions about how to improve our support programs and information.


In addition, the following are available with local or Health Welfare and Safety manager approval:

  • Legal Assist: up to 2 sessions of expert legal support and advice across family law, tenancy/renting, real estate, consumer disputes and more.

  • Financial Assist:  Financial counselling to help you work through financial wellbeing concerns.


We are always seeking to ensure this service is of a high quality and our people get the help they need, so please provide feedback about any experiences with this support service either directly to them or to us on 6229 5615 (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday) or via the Police Family Support Email.