Internal Psychologists

WA Police Force has highly qualified psychologists available free to personnel.  Our dedicated team has than 30 years of combined experience.  They have the advantage of understanding the demands and pressures of policing and have insight into the issues our personnel face.  They also understand the agency and can help navigate and manage access to other services with sensitivity.

Confidentiality is essential.  While this team sits within the Health, Welfare and Safety Division and can work with other support services, all client details, appointments and information is stored on a restricted access drive.  Acknowledgement that someone has sought advice or support from the Psychology Unit is only shared with consent, and even with this consent, only the agreed limited information is made available.  The only exception to this is if there is when the person seeking help or another person is in danger.


When accessing internal psychology services:

  • Your loved one can simply call or email to make an appointment

  • There is no restriction to the number of sessions able to be accessed, support can in place for as long as it’s needed

  • No referral from a GP and/or mental health plan needed.


The team consults with metropolitan and regional employees on a range of issues including: relationship concerns, work and life stress, conflict, coping difficulties, anxiety, trauma reactions, mood problems, substance use concerns and more. They work in partnership with your loved one to help resolve the difficulties they are experiencing.

You can support your loved one to take the first step toward better mental health.  Let them know they can contact the Psychology Unit via:

WA Police Force is committed to the wellbeing and privacy of our workforce. At no time will personal or medical information of any personnel be available.