Peer Support Program

When your loved one needs to talk things through with someone who understands the challenges of policing, a Peer Support Officer is one of the best local contacts.

These compassionate and selfless individuals offer their time to fellow WA Police Force employees, in addition to their normal duties.  Trained and committed Peer Support Officers are available in all Districts and Portfolios.


Peer Support Officers are:

  • Respectful of the need for confidentiality and privacy

  • Volunteers who dedicate their time to helping others

  • Well equipped to listen

  • A resourceful local connection point to other support services

  • Able to provide informal guidance and support for work and non-work related issues

  • Supported by a coordinator, who regularly checks in with them to make sure they are well supported and maintaining their own mental health and wellbeing. 


Peer Support Officers are not qualified counsellors, but rather colleagues who are willing to listen and make sure the right support services are put in place.